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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mystery Shopping?
Mystery Shopping is a primary research work wherein a Mystery Shopper acts as a customer to gather information about how business is being done at a retail outlet.
The information gathered from mystery shopping is used to measure parameters such as customer experience, service quality, process efficiency, store hygiene and so on. The objective is to have a customer eye view of the retail outlet so that brands can identify areas of improvement. Mystery shopping mostly involves fun assignments but intelligence gathered through it is extremely critical for brands.

What will I be expected to do as a Mystery Shopper?
As a Mystery Shopper you will be asked to act as customer and observe & evaluate certain things such as customer experience, product quality, in-store display quality, etc. at a given list of retail outlets. You will be then required to submit the information gathered to us in the form of reports.

How much time does each Mystery Shopping Assignment take?
Depending on the project, each audit will take a different number of hours to be completed and normally varies from 1 to 2 hours. You will have gone through a training document before applying for an audit, this document provides the objectives, expectations and timelines of the project. You are required to go through it in detail to assess time and effort requirements.

Mystery Shopping is a full time or a part time job?
Mystery Shopping is a part-time job. You are not on the payrolls of Channelplay Mystery Shopping when you undertake any audit. You work in the capacity of a freelancer with us.

How will I know if there are any opportunities in my area?
To view the available audits in your area, please login the portal and update your location details. You can also vary the �distance willing to travel� to view the opportunities in a larger area.

How will I submit my assignments?
Once you have completed the audit, login to the portal to submit the questionnaire. Please note that reports will not be accepted in Word, Excel or any other format.

How much time will be given to me to submit my assignments?
You have to submit the report online within 24 hours of completing the audit.

How will my submitted reports be evaluated?
Our panel of research experts will evaluate your reports for authenticity and quality.

What if I am unable to complete any assignment after accepting it?
In the event where you are unsure of completing the assignment on time, you must inform us at least 72 hours before the submission deadline so that the same task can be assigned to some other candidate. If you fail to intimate us on time, Channelplay Mystery Shopping reserves the right of blacklisting you in our database for future assignments. Channelplay Mystery Shopping also reserves the right of withholding your payments in such cases.

How much will I be paid per assignment?
The shopper fee for every project is different and can be viewed before applying for any opportunity.

How will I get paid?
On successful completion of the assignment as Mystery shopper, your payments will be directly credited into registered bank account.

How will my expenses, if incurred, be reimbursed?
You must secure prior approval from Channelplay Mystery Shopping's Project Manager for any expenses expected to be incurred during your market visits as mystery shopper. All such expenses will be reimbursed on producing receipts and relevant supporting documents.